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Do you want to integrate Internet Download Manager into your Google Chrome browser? That is a great idea. IDM will boost your download speed exponentially. Imagine your current download of two hours average would decrease down to 30 minutes only. Yes, that is how great the IDM is. That’s why a lot of people find alternative ways to crack IDM. And because it saves you time and it is actually very reliable. So now we will teach you how to add IDM to Chrome.

If you are worried that it might be too difficult, it is not. You can accomplish this task in just a couple of minutes. So sit back and ready your computer for a better download experience.

Add IDM to Chrome

  1. First thing is you should download the latest IDM to your computer.
  2. After you finish the download, run the IDM installer.
  3. Open the IDM settings and check the “Advanced Browser Integration”.
  4. After the installation, open your Google Chrome.
  5. Click the Settings at the top left of the browser.
  6. Go to More Tools> Extension.
  7. Now open your local drive and go to the folder where you installed IDM.
  8. Look for “IDMGCExt” or “IDMGCExt.crx”.
  9. Drag the file to the Google Chrome Extension folder that you opened earlier.
  10. Let the file install on your Chrome.
  11. A prompt will show up and click “Details”.
  12. Enable IDM integration mode and also turn on IDM when in incognito mode.


That’s it. You may now enjoy IDM on your Google Chrome. If you have other concerns and question, feel free to shout out your thoughts in the comment section.

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