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How To Crack IDM And Use Full Features For Free

Is your download speed too slow for you? When you are so excited to finally watch a movie, use a file, or install your new software, it feels like forever with the waiting time. We all know that not everybody has an outstanding internet speed. But that can be changed. The solution is to use Internet Download Manager in your Windows OS. Unfortunately, IDM is free for a limited time. In order for you to enjoy all its features for good, we will teach you how to crack IDM.

IDM has one of the most sophisticated algorithms that can download any media file r software with exponential speed. Your waiting time for two hours will decrease to an hour or even less. That is how useful IDM is. That is why it should be part of your Windows machine now.

How to crack IDM

If you want to experience IDM’s full feature, you will need to crack IDM. Do not worry. The whole process is going to be easy to follow. As long as you understand the instruction, you will be downloading anything you want and at an impressive speed. So fast, you might want to reconsider upgrading your internet subscription plan.

  1. First, you will have to download IDM installer from its official site.
  2. Then do not forget to also download the IDM crack.
  3. Now you may install the IDM software on your local drive.
  4. Before you start to crack IDM. You must first disable your internet connection.
  5. If that is done, you may use the crack to unlock the IDM with all its features.
  6. You are done. You may now enjoy faster download speed.

Internet Download Manager Features

In case you do not know what else IDM can do, here is a list of features that might be a great help to you. You might realize that there are more to this software than just boosting download speed. Yes, there are more to IDM than decreasing the time of speed of your download.

  • Download speed of up to 5 times.
  • Pause and resume download when you suddenly need your internet for something else.
  • Supports multi-part download and batch downloads.
  • IDM is compatible with all Windows versions even the Windows 10.
  • It is also compatible with more than 150 browsers.
  • Also supports multiple files download with different formats.
  • Supports any file formats from documents, software, to media files.
  • Schedule feature to make the IDM download only at your preferred time.
  • Supports various languages.


The IDM is not just for low internet speed. Even the fastest internet speed can still benefit from this software. When time is of utmost importance for you, software such as Internet Download Manager is such a blessing.

For my personal experience, the IDM is unparalleled when it comes to such feature and services. That is why there are a lot of developers out there that are trying to copy it.

If you want faster speed with your current slow internet plan, worry and search no more. The IDM will make life much convenient for you. All you need to do is download and crack IDM to maximize the internet speed that you have. And even if you have a good internet speed, this will also serve you impressively. Get your favorite download in just minutes rather than the usual waiting time.

In today’s question, what file formats do you usually download? How big and how fast do you usually finish downloading without IDM and wit IDM? Tell us about your experience in the download section below. We would love to know your thoughts.

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